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Wholesale mozzarella

Wholesale Mozzarella

Complete Food Services Melbourne offers wholesale mozzarella that won’t let you down with its rich, indulgent flavour and gooey texture that melts seamlessly to make every dish extraordinary. The brand of choice we supply is Lupara, an Italian name that has been coined the mozzarella of happiness.

Lupara has been trademarked on the basis of traditional Campania methods, utilising milk directly from the region for flavour that is deemed the ‘true taste of the land’. The buffalo milk used in its production is transformed into this delicious cheese on the same day of extraction, ensuring fresh flavours that can be frozen for up to 24 months.

The buffaloes that graze the beautiful 500 hectares of land in Campania are raised with great care, given the opportunity to express their natural behaviours with regular checks from local veterinarians. With optimal health in mind, even the grass is specially maintained to provide a healthy & balanced diet for the herd. There’s no use of GMOs, and the earth is nourished with natural fertilisers to create a toxin-free environment.

As an independently owned and operated business, we hold family values at heart. We understand the importance of maintaining quality service through excellent communication, efficient delivery, and of course producing premium-grade products that do your menu justice. Our reputation has continued to excel since our establishment in 1991, with an ever-expanding product list that covers all aspects of dry-store goods, fresh dairy items, and a selection of beverages fit for every occasion. We’re also recognised as a Countywide member, which guarantees our customers the best wholesale mozzarella at some of the industry’s most competitive prices.

So, whether it’s for homestyle wood-fired pizzas, topping for a pasta, or simply to be enjoyed in a fresh mixed salad—our Lupara wholesale mozzarella is the option that will impress. It can be purchased in 12 x 125g packets or 1kg buckets in the form of a four-cheese mix to meet your ordering requirements.

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