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Reliable Food Distributors Melbourne

Struggling to find good food distributors who offer a product that aligns with your business ethos? Complete Food Services Melbourne have been the company of choice for leading hospitality businesses across Australia since 1991. With everything from fresh dairy and farm products to rich Italian homestyle sauces, we have the secret ingredient for the best dish on every menu. We’ve structured our service around being the one stop shop to keep fridges and pantries stocked all year long, boasting an incredible selection of exclusively imported goods, as well as Australian favourites like Udder Delights.

Our online product catalogue is designed to make your searching and ordering easy, followed by prompt, on-time delivery. Reliability is important to us, because we understand that maintaining a strong reputation in your field depends on both the quality and consistency of food supplies. This means we put extra effort into the efficiency of stock management, our level of responsiveness, and overall communication with customers. These in-house qualities are priceless when it comes to narrowing down good food distributors.

To back our claims, all our facilities are HACCP certified to guarantee the safe and controlled handling of our goods. And of course, we have to give credit to our incredible team of employees who put endless hours of research into narrowing down the most reputable brands to offer within our range. We account for nutritional value, production methods and traditional flavours to bring you nothing but the best.

So, whether you need the perfect pasta, silky baking flour, a rich saucy base for a dish or the tastiest cured meats to amplify your grazing boards—we have you covered. Did we mention our beverages? You can also order beautiful wines from Virgo Campania or a selection of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages to please the whole party. Our diversity is just part of what makes us the reliable food distributors you can trust!

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