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European Food Wholesalers

European Food Wholesalers

Having access to foreign foods does not have to be a luxury. At Complete Food Services, we strive to bring imported goods to Australians at wholesale prices to diversify the food offerings that Australians have access to. If you have been searching for delicious delicacies from Europe, you have come to the right place!

Complete Food Services has been operating since 1991, offering high-quality goods to Australian consumers. From family-owned small cafes to large-scale restaurant operations, Complete Food Services has the capability to bring excellent food products to you.

Where We Import From

Our European food products are sourced from a variety of locations, but most of our offerings are from Italy due to their focus on quality and refined tastes. We are proud to offer Australians high-end European spices, portions of pasta, and preserves that are carefully selected from the best distributors in the world.

We offer recognizable brands like Kontessa, Rizzoli, Bagnomaria, and more for you to choose from. All of our imported brands are researched to ensure quality and care of production so that we only bring the best goods to Australia.

Not Only Food, but Beverages, Alcohol, and Oils Too!

Despite our name, Complete Food Services imports non-alcoholic, elite alcoholic beverages and delicious sauces. Luxury sparkling and still water from Acqua Orsini, extra virgin olive oils, Italian craft beers, and delicious coffee are all available through our importing services.

Our European imports are diverse in order for you to elevate your dishes, guest experiences, and flavors with a touch of abroad.

Interested in Purchasing Unique European Imports?

Our online ordering process makes our delectable European imports readily available to interested Australians. We also offer detailed product catalogues for you to peruse our available goods, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have via phone or email.

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