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Soy Wholesale

Soy Wholesale

On the market for soy wholesale? In addition to our fresh farm products, imported specialty goods, premium-grade dry stores, beverages and more—CFS Melbourne also stock high-quality soy products that are packed with nutritional benefits, and open up a range of options for delicious vegetarian-based dishes.

What’s so great about soy?

Soy products are renowned for two things:

Versatility: Soy products make an excellent substitute in dishes that are usually meat based; mimicking the texture and density. Soy is packed with both protein and fibre, keeping bellies full for longer while facilitating high energy levels. Adding to its versatile reputation, soy boasts a savoury, umami flavour that delicately blends with all the other flavours incorporated within your dish. It’s a great addition to curries, pastas, stir fries, or of course can be honoured on its own with a delicious marinade to bring an element of sweetness to the plate. Sweet chilli or peanut satay are two of our favourites!

Nutritional benefits: Soy wholesale is also highly credited for its excellent nutritional benefits, which extends beyond its protein-fuelled goodness. It’s high in calcium for optimal bone health, is filled with omega 3s, is low in saturated fats, and is even believed to reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Service straight to your door

If you choose to order your soy wholesale from CFS Melbourne, product quality is always guaranteed. We have a consistent reputation for sourcing reputable products from trusted brands, storing them appropriately to maintain maximum freshness, and then delivering them to our customers in minimal time.

In addition to the service itself, what makes us stand out in the hospitality field is the diversity of our range. We stock local goods, nationally acclaimed products, and select specialty goods which we import from the country best-known for its vibrant food culture and traditional production methods: Italy! These imported products have been carefully selected on the basis of their quality and unparalleled flavour; many sourced from companies that continue to use old-school artisan methods. Browse the full range before ordering your soy wholesale to keep your fridges and pantries full with a one-stop-shop.