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Fine Food Wholesalers

Fine Food Wholesalers

If it’s time to update the menu, it might also be time to revamp your ingredient list—harrowing down on quality and flavour to give your customers an unrivalled culinary experience.

Now, don’t mistake quality with ridiculous prices, because as one of Melbourne’s leading fine food wholesalers we can assure you that some brands truly do tick all the boxes. We’ve done our research to bring you a refined list of both local and imported goods that cover absolutely all bases on your shopping list.

Traditional Italian flavours are introduced by brands that have been around for decades; combining new and old production methods to retain flavour, while extending shelf-life. These luxuries—which range from organic sauces, pasta varieties, cured meats, beverages and more—are an exclusive treat for hospitality businesses right across Melbourne. We’re one of very few fine food wholesalers that can offer this level of authenticity at such an affordable price.

If you need some inspiration for how you can utilise our delicious ingredients, we also have a list of both food and cocktail recipes on our website! Our Kontessa tomatoes, Di Carlo olive oil and Penne Rigate from Irollo make for a scrumptious and homely pasta dish. Or perhaps you could add our tasty Prosciutto Crudo by Leporati on top of a crispy golden pizza base made with our Manildra Flour? The possibilities are endless when you have fine ingredients to help you every step of the way.

When we say complete food services, we mean it. Our company is 100% Australian-owned and operated, and our family values are instilled through and through. We’ve dedicated everything to building up a credible product list that accommodates the product needs of businesses both big and small.

Browse through our product catalogue and place your order for fast and efficient delivery to begin your upgrade. Melbourne’s best in the hospitality industry are starting to catch onto the fine food wholesalers they can trust—so grace your menu with a great big kiss from Nonna and get on our Incredible range of exclusively imported Italian goods.

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