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Pizza Flour Wholesale

Pizza Flour Wholesalers

The end to your quest for affordable and diverse premium-grade pizza flour wholesale lies here. Looking for an all in one supplier or for new product alternatives to upgrade the quality of your stock? CFS Melbourne knows that when it comes to delicious pizza, it’s all about the base. We’re very particular when it comes to quality assurance, which is how Molini Pizzuti has found its place on our list of researched suppliers.

Molini Pizzuti has truly stood the test of time when it comes to its pizza flour wholesale, having maintained an excellent reputation since the 50’s. The brand only uses natural products and 100% wheat flour in the production of its range, with diverse options to accommodate all dietary and kitchen needs. Here is a brief insight into the range, all of which you can purchase on the CFS Melbourne website to keep your pantries stocked.

Gluten Free Preparato Senza: Make no compromise for those with gluten intolerances. This flour produces a beautiful dough that is the perfect choice for pizzas and focaccias.

Tradizione Napoletana: The flour of choice for traditional favourites such as the neapolitan pizza. It requires a short rising period, needing between 4-12 hours at roughly 25℃.

Costa D’Amalfi: A specially developed formula that our technical staff have created, requiring a long-rising period between 8-48 hours. This is an essential buy if you’re experimenting with different textures and flavours!

CFS Melbourne is also a stockist of one of Australia’s finest flour brands, with a factory located in the heart of the Wheatbelt in New South Wales. Manildra Flour is internationally acclaimed, having produced superior flour and bakery products since the early 1950s. All products are 100% Australian and GMO-wheat free. Their range of self-raising, bakers and plain flour are all available to purchase on our website. Browse and select your preference for pizza flour wholesale today!

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