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Buy Bulk Sardines

Buy Bulk Sardines

Looking to buy bulk sardines to stock up your shelves? The Sardines supplied by CFS Melbourne are hand processed by internationally acclaimed brand: Rizzoli. Established in 1906, the company has successfully retained both its image and traditional methods to deliver flavours that are simply unparalleled. The extra virgin olive oil used for preservation of their sardine fillets is made exclusively from certified organic cultivations; and the difference in taste is notable.

Just because sardines are a convenient long-life pantry staple doesn’t mean you have to compromise flavour! Stick to products you simply know will win the hearts of your customers with the rich, Italian salty goodness of Rizzoli sardines.

Are you seeking a little inspiration for your menu? Here’s a selection of our favourite food recommendations that can be achieved when you buy bulk sardines from CFS Melbourne.

  • Pan fried sardines with a salsa verde, juicy heirloom tomatoes and shaved fennel.
  • Add them to bruschetta with a fig infused balsamic vinegar for a salty-sweet twist.
  • Pair them with delicious fresh-made fettuccine, toasted pine nuts and lemon with a buttery sauce for a flavour sensation.
  • Bring a modern twist to the classic combo of sardines on toast by creating a fresh and tasty basil pesto base, topped with some blistered cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of vintage parmesan.


Complete Food Services Melbourne aren’t just the number one choice for you to buy bulk sardines, we also offer a range of premium-grade dry stores, dairy products, cured meats, beverages, wines and more. Our product catalogue showcases a range of both local and exclusively imported goods that have been introduced to diversify the variety of flavours available here in Australia. All brands  Once your order has been placed which can be simply done online, your goods will be delivered straight to your door. Let us help you start simplifying your shopping experience!

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