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Seafood Wholesale

Seafood Wholesale

Complete Food Services offer a selection of both locally established brands and exclusively imported products to tick all your boxes when it comes to simple online ordering. With rich homestyle sauces, cured meats, sweet treats, fresh farm products, premium wines and the tastiest preserved fish on the market, there’s something to accompany every dish while keeping convenience at the forefront.

If you’re big on affordable seafood wholesale, you’ll be absolutely delighted with our Rizzoli range. Our products boast incredible Mediterranean inspired flavours, the perfect amount of saltiness, and come packed with all the same fantastic health benefits of fresh fish, such as protein and calcium. Here are some tasty and affordable examples:

Sardines: This product is entirely processed by hand, and incorporates rich organic olive oil that will complement any dish well while adding those healthy monounsaturated fats.

Tuna fillets: Our tuna fillets consist of soft flesh and delicate salty flavours. Preserved in premium-grade olive oil, this pantry staple is ideal for tossing through a fresh salad or mixing into your favourite pasta.

Anchovy fillets: A six month maturation period paired sets off the beautiful flavours of our anchovy fillets, which are fished sustainably from the Mediterranean sea. Our fillets come preserved in a range of deliciously rich and palatable oils like extra virgin and seed, as well as a vibrant spicy sauce to fire up your afternoon snack.

Our fast and reliable distribution network has contributed to the development of a large and loyal customer base Australia-wide. We understand that food is the key to the heart, which is why Complete Food Services stock brands that not only align with our high food standards, but also give customers an insight to the best traditional flavours from around the world. For all your seafood wholesale needs, browse through our diverse range of products and order online today!

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